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Hi I'm Jo Parkinson, Healing Art's founder and principal artist.

I offer Classes, Workshops and Retreats that inspire you to connect to your own creativity in a supportive and harmonious environment. I take the pain out of being creative. Every person has their own unique creative style and once you remove your own expectations you can begin to experience immense JOY in the work you produce. Healing Art offers a private commission service service for those of you who require an artwork that is unique and personal to you. I also offer Private Healing Art Sessions.


I am inspired by my deep connection to spirit, my love of nature and a strong calling to bring harmony and healing to others. I work with divine guidance to intuitively combine colour and natural materials that capture nature's healing energy.

My works include acrylic paints on canvas and I'm constantly collecting natural materials such as bark, feathers, seeds and flowers to incorporate into my artwork. I usually start with a theme from which ideas for various paintings emerge. 'Love and Intuition' is a great example of a recent work.

In this painting I incorporated a Lyrebird tail feather that I found on a bush walk, dried red rose petals and pieces of paperbark. This piece also has colours such as deep purple, violet, red and a splash of magenta to support my intention to express love and also has the magical qualities of Lyrebird energy to emphasise trust in your own intuition.


Love & Intuition